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 The Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Institute of Animal Science of the NAAS is included in the new list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine where the results of the dissertations can be published (according to the decision of the Attestation Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, order No. 747 of July 13, 2015).
  Certificate of state registration: series КВ № 21410-11210ПР dated 25.06.2015.
  The Scientific and Technical Bulletin covers the results of the different areas of agricultural production researches. Designed for scientists and agricultural professionals.
  The Scientific and Technical Bulletin (STB) of the Institute of Animal Science of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is included in the scientific-metric database - Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RIC) (license agreement № 649-10 / 2013 of October 23, 2013). The STB archive has been published in the RINC archive since 2010 (# 102-112).

Editorial policy of the journal
Established in 1932, the professional journal "Scientific and Technical Bulletin" of the Institute of Animal Science of the NAAS (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) publishes exclusive articles in mixed languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English), which have not been previously published, thus creating a platform for the promotion of scientific knowledge and activation creative discussions between representatives of different scientific schools in the field of agro-industrial production.

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