Institute of Animal Science of National academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine (NAAS) takes it origin from the unit of animal science of the Kharkov regional agricultural experimental station. Since 1921 staff of the institution has been housed in the “Ukrainka” model farm holding.

On the 8th of October, 1929 there, in compliance with the order No 706/2594 of the People's Committee on Agriculture of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, on the basis of the unit of animal science, has been formed the Ukrainian Institute of dairy husbandry (the first name of the Institute of animal husbandry) that existed within the network of the branch research institutes of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences named after V.I.Lenin.

At the beginning of its activity the Institute solved issues of the development of problems of dairy cattle husbandry, pig husbandry, sheep husbandry, poultry husbandry in the regions of the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, the Crimea, Central Chernozem Region and the Northern Caucasus.

The Institute has changed its name several times that was specified, first of all, by broadening of the range of research works, reinforcement with additional staff. Within the structure of the Institute there operated units (sectors) of forage production, dairy science, genetics, selection and breeding, animal feeding, mechanisation, organisation and economy of dairy husbandry, a laboratory of zoochemical analysis, a scientific library, a department of information and inventions, a publishing group and a museum.

In the first years of its activity the Institute conducted researches concerning feeding of farm animals of different species. On the basis of research data there has been published “Bulletin of composition and food value of fodders of the Ukraine”. In the post-war period the Bulletin included 474 fodders of the Ukraine; there have been presented data on digestion of fodders, their vitaminic and mineral composition.

In the pre-war years the Institute initiated researches in artificial insemination of animals (I.Bukharin), economics of animal husbandry (F.Solovyov). They have studied breed resources of the Ukraine and the results of cross-breeding of native breeds (A.Yatsenko). In 1932 there have been issued the first scientific-and-technical bulletin of the Institute.

In December, 1943, having turned back from evacuation, research workers and collaborators of the Institute restored premises and arranged research work. There have been established new units at the Institute: a unit of horse husbandry, a laboratory of physiology, a laboratory of biochemistry. For some time the Institute has been involved with the problems of apiculture and fish husbandry.

Post-war formation of the Institute under the leadership of Y.A.Danilenko has been characterised by the development of scientific activity in the direction of technology of animal keeping and feeding, optimal terms of provision of fodders, among them ensilage ones, development of norms and rations with consideration for requirements on proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements.

In the sixties-seventies the Institute has become a leading scientific institution in the field of animal husbandry in the Ukraine and the former Union. It establishes intimate connections with foreign scientists and specialists.

This period is distinguished for the formation of scientific schools (F.I.Ostashko, E.M.Dorotyuk, D.A.Volkov, E.I.Admin, V.V.Tsyupko, S.Y.Kutikov, O.A.Omelyanenko, A.E.Myand etc.) that carry out educational and research work till now

During the last 50 years scientists of the Institute have made quite a number of theoretical and practical projects that are broadly applied in practice. In 1949-51 I.V.Smirnov has proven the ability of spermatozoa to preserve biological value and genetic information under the conditions of low temperature (up to 196C) storage and getting of normal progeny. This is a discovery of a global scale. There at the Institute for the first time in the world have been obtained rabbits, lambs and calves after insemination of dams with the semen preserved in frozen state. This line is being fruitfully developed by the Academician F.I.Ostashko, Doctor of sciences A.D.Bugrov, Academician M.D.Bezugly etc. F.I.Ostashko has developed a theory of temperature shock, fortification of membrane apparatus of reproductive cells, different methods and techniques of artificial insemination of cows, specifically the well-known Kharkov technology of semen sampling, assessment, thinning and cryopreservation. In 1983 under his guidance for the first time in the Ukraine they have obtained a calf after embryo transplantation, offsprings of extraorganism cultivated embryos (1995), started research work in gene engineering.

The Institute has significant achievements in the development of theoretical problems of selection and breeding of new high productive breeds, lines and hybrids of farm animals; the Myrgorod lard breed of swine (1940); the Lebedyn dairy-beef breed of cattle (1950); the Ukrainian saddle breed of horses (1990); the Ukrainian black-spot dairy breed of cattle (1992); the Ukrainian beef breed of cattle (1993); a meat breed of swine (1993); the Volyn' beef breed of cattle (1994); the Ukrainian black-spot dairy breed of cattle (1995); the Novoalexandrovsk draft-type breed of horses (1998). The Institute breeders in close co-operation with the research workers of the other institutes have created more than 10 domestic breeds and more than 100 new types, lines and hybrids of animals which productivity surpasses the parent forms by 12-15%.

In the sixties-eighties the Institute actively participated in the development of technologies for complexes and agroindustrial associations. There at the Institute are formed new divisions: a unit of a technology of dairy stock keeping, a technology of beef production, a technology of pork production. One of the first in the Ukraine is the development of a technology of a loose housing system for a dairy herd of 1200 cows on a deep litter with milking in a milking parlour that has been realised at the “Kutuzovka” experimental dairy complex that is constantly used for development and application of innovations in dairy cattle husbandry. Over the last years more than 90 scientific projects of the Institute have been introduced in the Ukraine and abroad.

The laboratory of a technology of beef production in the development of a technology of keeping of meat, combined and dairy stock that is intended for getting of high quality beef. There is continued development of intensive energy-saving breed technologies of beef production directed specifically at preservation of genofond of disappearing breeds of meat line of productivity.

The Institute is a founder of creation of highly adaptable lines and equipment for production of mixed feeds and mineral-vitamin additives in the Ukraine  the “Ukrainka” plant and the other plants of a new generation.

At present the Institute is the leading research and methodics centre that carries out fundamental and applied investigations in different problems of a technology of production of animal husbandry products and a research and selection centre on horse husbandry and fur farming; it co-ordinates researches in specialised branches on a national scale.

To carry out researches on modern level, the Institute has all necessary technical auxiliary and service means, laboratories and computer equipment, a scientific library and an experimental base: 2 research farms that centralise 6 breeding farms for breeding pure-bred stock.

Scientific and research staff of the Institute consists of 158 scientists: 15 Doctors of sciences with the state prize-winners among them and 63 Candidates of sciences.

At the Institute there are active scientific schools of well-known scientists-Academicians: Y.A.Danilenko, F.I.Ostashko, A.O.Omelyanenko; Doctors of sciences F.F.Eysner, V.O.Medvedev, V.V.Tsyupko etc.

The Institute is a centre for training of specialists of the highest qualification via post-graduate and doctoral courses. There function specialised Scientific Council on the defence of doctoral theses in 4 specialities. There have been trained over 400 Candidates and 60 Doctors of sciences.

The Institute activity is aimed at substantiation of branch structure of parameters and optimisation of manufacture of products of agricultural production units of different sizes, development of business-plans, introduction into production process of modern energy-saving technologies of milk, beef, pork production, production of sheep husbandry, horse husbandry, fur farming, means of mechanisation and automation of production processes; technology of production, provision and preparation of fodders for feeding; feeding of farm animals of different species; investigations and ecological monitoring of quality of agricultural production.

The Institute maintains Cupertino with the research institutions of the National Academy of the Ukraine, with international institutions of Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Holland, France and other countries.

Our scientists take part in research activities in composition of international scientific and investigation consortiums of many projects and programs.

For weighty contribution to development of agrarian science and practice the Institute of animal science has been awarded with the Order of the Labour Red Banner (1967), projects of the Institute have been commended with the State prizes, more than 400 of them are protected with the author's certificates. The most important of them are exhibited at the international, national, regional exhibitions and business-forums.

The Institute of animal science more than once has been awarded with the Diplomas and Honourable Diplomas of the Central administration of affairs of President of the Ukraine, Ministry of agrarian policy of the Ukraine and the Kharkov region state administration.

The Institute is a winner of the All-Ukrainian competitions-exhibitions. Gold medals have been awarded in the “Scientific developments” nomination.

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